About Us…



Emma The Made up Mom


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Emma is a Wife and Mum of one living in Woking, Surrey.

Emma wanted to create a supportive and non judgemental community to help aid the wellbeing of parents, especially mothers. Emma’s own experience with Maternal mental health struggles led her to train as a Mindfulness practitioner, and focus on Self care / support services to aid recovery and promote overall wellbeing.

Emma offers 1 to 1 services and group sessions in a small, friendly setting- with no judgement!

Emma believes that all mothers deserve some time for them, whether that be those with a newborn baby, a tantrumming toddler, or a hormonal teenager- and she offers a comprehensive course to focus on wellbeing, emotional and mental health!




Team Flexifit

Sam and Ally are a Husband and Wife team, and first time parents to a young baby girl.

Sam and Ally are qualified ,experienced Personal trainers and nutritionists who offer group classes and 1on1 sessions in and around Surrey and Hampshire.

Sam actually went to school with Emma, and later held the Mum and Baby bootcamp that Emma attended to work on her postnatal fitness.

Sam also manages a gym, and Ally is a qualified Teacher and Tutor amongst many other skills! Check out their impressive portfolio and testimonials at http://www.flexifitpt.com


Natalie M

Natalie is who I like to call ‘The Baby and Toddler Guru.’  Having spent time in Hospitals with Preemie babies, to volunteering with underprivileged children in India, Natalie’s experience is unquestionable. Also an ex Nursery school assistant, Natalie is now part of the Health visiting team and assists parents across the county with Breastfeeding, weaning, Toilet training, behavioural issues and much more. Natalie has a degree in 0-5years and Health and Social care.