Why alternative therapies should still have a place in modern day…


As Mental Health conditions become more and more common (25% of young adults will suffer with their mental health between the ages of 16-25 -W.H.O) The terms ‘well-being’ and ‘alternative therapies’ can still be looked upon as some kind of taboo.

After struggling with my own Maternal mental health, I sought out different methods of support and activities that I hoped would aid my recovery. Once I was well enough to share my story, I decided to pursue my studies on Mindfulness and alternative behavioural therapies in a bid to help others.

Many of us who eventually seek help, and battle through the never ending waiting list and poor oversubscribed GP’s,  will receive the same assessment , a pamphlet about counselling and perhaps a prescription for some antidepressants. Whilst this can be instrumental in starting the recovery process, I don’t believe that its enough to rely solely on the wonders of medication to live a fulfilled life again. Whilst it may get us ‘well’, we still owe it to ourselves to get us ‘happy’ again!

Mindfulness as a complimentary practice has changed my life, the idea is that we leave our ‘distractions’ behind for a period of time, and simply focus on the present moment. This could be focusing on our breathing, our surroundings, things that stimulate our senses or a moment in time to meditate. I used to believe that you had to be spiritual or religious to practice mindfulness, and many people that I meet feel the same way. Only once I introduce them to its practice and watch them leave the room feeling lighter and less stressed, do they too see its benefits.

Aromatherapy and Holistic therapies are also an excellent way to calm the body and mind. I began to use Lavender essential oils around the home to aid sleep and combat my persistent insomnia, then rapidly expanded my collection to use with my family and clients to use a more natural approach to ailments. Amanda Davis from Amandastherapies (Woking) Explains that ‘Reiki is a gentle energy healing therapy suitable for anyone. It stimulates the body’s own healing, and can help with your mental health , especially anxiety, depression and grief aswell as Physical healing. It balances the emotions , leaving you feeling calmer and clearer.’

I am becoming more intrigued about the concept of crystal healing and chakras after studying alternative therapies last year. I am very much looking forward to experiencing the benefits of Reiki, and exploring the world of reflexology that I have previously left untouched.

We also can’t discredit the extremely effective CBT (Cognitive behavioural therapies) or talking therapy to aid a healthy recovery, and allow us as individuals to deal with a trauma or life event that is impacting on our Mental health. Combined with nourishing and refuelling our bodies with good food, and getting the heart rate up with physical exercise , I believe that combining all or some of the above, gives a broad spectrum and ample opportunity to support ourselves through a difficult time.

As with all methods, nothing is 100% guaranteed, and in extreme cases, medical intervention will undoubtedly be more crucial, but I think its really important for us to remember the more traditional methods and holistic therapies as well as the new wonders of medical science!

What do you think?

Ways in which we can help one another with our mental wellbeing.


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Quite often, we may walk past someone in the street who looks happy, glamorous,sophisticated and assume that they ‘have it all.’ What we might not see is their invisible struggles that day, battles with anxiety, or their fight with depression. Appearances can be deceptive, especially if like me, they were able to paint their face with makeup and make it look as though life is just peachy.

Sometimes we can help each-other without even realising it, often just a simple gesture or facial expression can make all the difference to someones mindset.

I have put together some easy to follow guidelines as to how you can support someone if you think they may be struggling.

  1. Ask how they are doing… TWICE. Its human nature to say ‘Yes good thanks’ as soon as somebody asks how we are, because these words roll off the tongue without any thought whatsoever. If you are looking them in the eyes kindly offer an ‘Are you sure?’ to open the communication channels further.
  2. Simply offer your support. If someone isn’t ready to talk yet, the reassurance of knowing that they have someone to turn to, can mean a world of difference. ‘I’m here if you want someone to talk to.’ Is a tried and tested phrase that lets people know that they have a safe haven should they need one.
  3. SMILE. A look across the street , with a smile given to a stranger could help give them a small boost when they need it most. How often have you been able to share an empathetic look with a tired mum, or an understanding glance to a fellow patient in the doctors waiting room. It gives you a temporary moment of solidarity doesn’t it!?
  4. Don’t feel like you need to understand. Don’t try to pretend. Someone who is struggling might not want your guidance or advice right now. They could simply just need a shoulder to cry on, a listening ear, or someone to distract them from their thoughts!
  5. Give encouragement, if you believe that they might need some professional help or support, let them know that they can go to their gp, a counsellor or practitioner without fear of judgement. If it is someone close to you, suggest that you could go with them to their first appointment if they are scared or nervous. (Just make sure that you don’t take on someone else’s problems when you are not mentally strong enough to separate your feelings.)

As mentioned, these are very basic pointers, but hopefully can help us be more aware of the ‘invisible’ struggles around us.

I like to use mindfulness to help myself and others find a sense of calm and relaxation. I run mindfulness sessions and courses in Surrey, UK and love helping people navigate their way through the darker times to a happier place.

For more information visit http://www.emmathemadeupmom.com

Simple ways in which Mindfulness has changed my life for the better!


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Picture this.. On one particular day I allowed my intrusive thoughts to invent an unlikely scenario, and create an almighty panic attack about something that hadn’t even happened yet, and probably never would. Tears ran down my face as I convulsed with every strained breath whilst my husband stared at me, bewildered as to what was happening.

Let me explain, I was suffering with Postnatal Depression, mild PTSD and anxiety at the time. I had actually been able to enjoy a short break away with my husband and son over the Christmas break when our little boy was around 18 months old. It was made better still, by the fact that Center parcs had a wonderful creche and it meant that myself and my husband could hit the waterslides for an hour and enjoy some time as a couple before we were reunited with our small human.

So at home one evening, my husband suggested that we book another break away, and my heart was set on Italy. So I began to daydream about sunny walks along cobbled streets, gelato (Ice cream) cones piled high, and then I pictured my son attending a creche, like he did at center parcs, except his name was of Italian heritage, so if he was abducted from the creche, it would’ve been harder to find a child with such a common name in that country. I would never get him back. All of a sudden, my daydream had flipped into a nightmare, and I went from perfectly content, to having a full blownvpanic attack in the space of 5 minutes. I had invented a fictional scenario , but I had lost my rationale, and I was letting my intrusive thought win.

With a level head, it’s quite obvious that we wouldn’t have had need of a creche during a weekend getaway, and even if we had the holiday booked, we would’ve researched the area and facilities to ensure that they were suitable for small families. But during the evening of my panic attack, this logic was not obvious to me.

During a counselling session some months later, my therapist gave me a brilliant piece of advice, and explained that our thoughts do not control us, and that we don’t have to entertain each thought that comes through our mind. She used an analogy of a train station, and said that we can train our brains to ‘jump off’ the train if its taking us to an unwanted destination. My fascination with the control of the mind began, and I discovered mindfulness.

For those of you who don’t know, mindfulness is the art of ‘being present in the moment.’ By practicing mindfulness we can reach states of relaxation, and free our minds from distractions, clutter and unwanted thoughts! The best part about it, is that even a beginner can practice mindfulness, you certainly don’t need to be a seasoned Buddhist or far out hippie to reap the benefits. For example, how often do you crave a sweet treat and curl up infront of the tv with it, only to reach down for more and realise its gone?! This is called eating ‘mindlessley’ where we allowed our mind to be distracted away from the present moment or experience. You could practice eating mindfully by first observing your food, taking in the aroma, discovering the texture and placing it on your tongue for several moments before allowing yourself to take a bite. Enjoying the pleasure of your treat without other distractions.

I try and practice mindfulness daily to prevent feelings of self doubt or anxiety, and also to enjoy the time I spend with my son or husband more. I love to practice mindful yoga or guided meditation, which is accessible for free with a click on the youtube app! When walking with my son, we like to stop for moments at a time and listen to the birdsong, or feel the cruncing of leaves beneath our feet without a ‘to do’ list whirring round my brain.

I also combine Mindfulness and self care, with the use of aromatherapy products to lift the mood and relax the mind. One of my favourite treatments to give is a mindfulness therapy session where I combine the art of guided meditation and a facial to leave my client feeling utterly relaxed and refreshed.

Mindfulness has changed my life for the better, and given me time to appreciate the little things.

For more advice on mindfulness and how it can help you, contact me via my website at http://www.emmathemadeupmom.com







You may find that this sounds somewhat ridiculous, but I can assure you that

Why I’m so passionate about the well being of Mothers (and fathers!)


adult adventure baby child
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Suddenly you’re a parent… Your life has changed, but you’re not quite sure how, or for how long…

Then you realise that you have slipped down your priority list…

When I became a first time mum in 2016, I thought that my baby would slot into my current lifestyle with ease. For I had read the books, done the course at the hospital, looked after other people’s children… and in my head… I was going to be a natural!

Oh how naive I was!! I hadn’t anticipated the nocturnal state of affairs that my life would become, or the inability to complete any task that involved the use of two hands! The influx of guests that I felt I had to play the perfect hostess to, and the huge amounts of concealer that I would purchase in an attempt to hide my dark circles!

Whilst my husband was on Paternity leave, it at least gave me some respite to take a shower, or have an hours sleep in between sterilising teets and desperately pumping my milk, but when he returned to work at 10 days postpartum, I found it almost impossible to do anything ‘for me’ , there was many an occasion that my newborn was in my arms whilst I sat on the toilet, or that the kettle which I had boiled several times that morning, never actually got poured.  And suddenly, my son stopped his usual 7.30am nap, so a morning shower or chance to do my hair was then slim to none.

PND, anxiety and PTSD affected my life in many ways after the birth of my son, and I’m very lucky that I eventually got the help and support that I needed to make a full recovery! But why did it take 12 months to be given treatment? At first, I believed that the ‘Baby blues’ would go away, and all my friends with babies seemed to be coping brilliantly, so I thought that I would get the hang of it soon enough.

Other than the routine visits with the Health visitor in the first 6 weeks postpartum, I was not asked about my mental health or my wellbeing, all attention was diverted to my baby, and I felt that my own needs or worries were not important. I saw various doctors for my son’s reflux, croup, conjunctivitis, irregular breathing, tonsilitis… each time I would be overwhelmed with worry and fear,I was ashamed that I didn’t stick at breastfeeding, I would ask when he would start sleeping, and cry helplessly. Not once was I asked about my mental health. I asked a doctor if I could be sterilised at 8 weeks postpartum when she inserted my coil. She laughed. Not once was I asked about my mental health. When it finally got too much, and a health visitor spotted my symptoms at 12 months Postpartum, I made the decision to take come counselling, and cut down my hours at work, eventually leading me to give up my career and seek part time employment to focus on my mental health and my son.

I started youtubing my symptoms of PND, and was met with overwhelming responses of empathy, gratitude and understanding. Many men and women contacted me to say thank you for breaking the stigma, and articulating how your mental health could impact on your life. I decided that I wanted to do more to raise awareness, and help break down the taboo.

I conducted a survey with 40 local mums, Staggeringly 61% did NOT have Maternal mental health discussed with them during pregnancy. 66% of Mums said that they would have liked more support. 57% of Mums said that they would have liked more support and awareness on PND and the baby blues. This gave me all that I needed to make a go of ‘Made up Mom’ and start my mission to help others with their wellbeing.

I now run 6 week courses in the Surrey and Hampshire area for mums at any stage of their journey, whether their baby is 6 weeks old or 16 years old, the content is relevant and helpful to all. I wanted to create an ‘all in one’ course that I wish I could’ve had when I had my son, yet could dip into at any stage of my life. So I enlisted the help of some local experts, to offer Pre/Postnatal fitness and nutritional advice, as well as Health visitor and nursery nurse support. I myself have studied Mindfulness, Mental health and Alternative therapies and am a qualified Mindfulness Practitioner.

Over the 6 week course, I help mums feel happier, calmer and more in control, as we cover a wide range of topics and life skills to empower them.

On week 1, all members are presented with a self-help guide, packed with local support facilities for parenting, mental health, and family schemes. This also contains my advice on self care, and a feelings journal to complete throughout the course. Several local businesses have also provided exclusive discount codes for the members to use. The mums also take home a range of self care goodies, from the natural and organic Eden days Body company, and Neal’s yard remedies.

We discuss how to prioritise our life admin, meditation, mindfulness, Self care and how to make time for us around our busy lives, fitness, and parenting support. All mums learn how to complete an aromatherapy facial on themselves, a safe home workout, and invaluable mindfulness techniques that can be used at home alone or with their families or partners.

The feeling that I get from seeing anxious frowns, turn into relieved smiles is incredible. I love helping others, and hearing about the difference in their well-being and family lives long after the course has finished!

If you live in or near Woking, Surrey, then please do contact me to find out more!
And always remember to make time for you! You deserve it!

Spreading awareness of Maternal Mental Health Conditions!

screenshot 2019-01-07 at 12.15.18

When I was suffering with Post Natal Depression and PTSD after the birth of my son, I felt so alone. I didn’t know anyone else who had suffered, and wasn’t sure where to turn to get help.

Left untreated for 12 months, I was very grateful when my health visitor spotted my symptoms and referred me to my GP. I then was given the support I needed to begin my recovery.

Upon researching my condition, I came across the PANDAS Foundation Charity, who specialise in Perinatal mental health. I wish I had found their services sooner, and feel that It would make such a difference in our local communities if we were able to share this information, and build up our knowledge to break down the stigma and support one another.

I have decided to host a charity Gala evening to fund raise for this incredible organisation, so that they can continue helping parents and families all over the country!

If you live in or near surrey, come and Join us at our FREE event!

Monday 18th February


Chobham community centre, GU248NG

*LIVE Entertainment from local DJ and singer Graham (Broad Entertainments)

*FREE Beauty treatments from local therapists working with Neal’s Yard and Clarins products

*FREE Mini makeovers from local Beauty Artists

*Complimentary refreshments

*GRAND RAFFLE PRIZE DRAW, with donations from over 20 local businesses and a signed copy of Vicki Psarias (Honest Mum) Book MUMBOSS (Amazon no.1 bestseller)

*FREE refreshments

*FREE Parking

*Information on The charity, and the services that Emma the Made up Mom can offer to help parents in our local community.

If you would like to attend, or donate to the event, please contact me via email at madeupmom01@gmail.com



Remembering that its okay to have a bad day!

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Do you ever just have ‘one of those days’ and think ‘what’s the point?’

I do… and more recently, those days have become more frequent. Perhaps due to the change in the weather, and the possible onset of Seasonal affective disorder, or simply down to the fact that this time of year is very much about material belongings, generously gifting, doing better, keeping up appearances… when it should just be about spending time with those that you love. (If you are fortunate enough to do so)

Further to my previous blog post about social media, I have really tried to follow the influencers who may have a fabulous lifestyle, but they are also honest about their struggles or imperfections. This often gives me the reassurance that nobody is perfect, and we will never achieve true happiness if we are striving for perfection.

If you are having a day where you feel a bit of self-pity, doubt, or undervalued and overworked as MANY people will be feeling like that at this time of year, it’s totally normal, and an emotional response to our circumstances! It doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s a true reflection of how we really feel, and my best antidote for these days is to practice gratitude.

What I mean by this, is to list down , what we are grateful for at this current moment in time. It could be our health, our home, our family, or simply the gift of making it through another day. Whatever we are grateful for, can remind us of how lucky we are. If we have a roof over our head, and access to food and water, we already have riches in comparison to people suffering with poverty. Let’s not let the lifestyles of the rich and famous make us feel that we are a failure if we dont have the latest handbag or the fastest car. We could simply be grateful for having the best of friends, or a heartfelt laugh earlier on in the day!

I have reminded myself today of my cause, my purpose, my ability and my journey. I encourage you to do the same.

Wishing you an evening filled with gratitude!

Self Confidence in today’s society…

My thoughts on Self confidence and the effects of social media.img_20181105_185656Self Confidence, can often appear as our very best friend or worst enemy at the drop of a hat.

For many of my Clients, friends and colleagues,lack of self-confidence is one of the biggest issues leading to feelings of low mood and anxiety. With today’s social media presence, and high-industry standards, it’s no surprise that women (and men) all over the country are feeling an unhealthy dislike of their own appearance or life style, in favour of someone else’s whom they barely know, but follow closely on instagram or digital channels.

Reality TV has shown us the glitz and glamour, a plush lifestyle and wrinkle free faces that some of us could only fantasize about. But why is it that we feel that the standard that we see on TV and social media, is the perfection that we strive for? We become conditioned by what we read in the magazines, what we scroll through on our phones and what we watch on the television. It can be hard not to feel the familiar pang of jealousy when you see someone from a similar background to you suddenly reaching the dizzy heights of stardom,unveiling a new body, relationship, or displaying their wealth. We bring the phrase ‘1st world problems’ to a new and upsetting meaning.

What we fail to remember, or acknowledge are the parts of people’s lives that we don’t see. People often publicize the BEST parts of their lives, the positive events, perfect selfies and progress pics because it’s what they are willing to share with the world. (And deservedly so) If we delve deeper, it is possible to find some excellent influencers who do a great job at showing us ‘real life.’ The make up free, bloated or tired reality that many of us face.

For me, I believe that much of the issue, is in fact our own thought processes and insecurities that trigger the feelings of inadequacy and lack of confidence. I work with so many beautiful women, who believe that they are ‘ugly’ or ‘haggard’ and I often have to convince them of their beauty inside and out.

What other people have, shouldnt affect how we view ourselves. By comparing ourselves to others, we are placing each other on a level playing field, when circumstances are likely to be very different. I encourage my clients to remember the progress they have made, it could be that they have gone a few days without a panic attack, they have left a toxic relationship, or simply that they have completed a task that was really important to them. However big or small, these successes should be celebrated and remembered. I ask my clients to list 5 positive things about themselves, examples could be physical appearance, achievements, or facts based on improved wellbeing or ability, and keep the list close to them, to be referred back to at times of self-doubt.

We are all only human beings. Jealousy, inadequacy, and self-doubt are perfectly normal emotions that we all experience, but rather than feeding these, lets also focus on pride, self-respect and belief. Anything is possible if you put your mind to it, and however long it takes, we all get there in the end!


To the Mother who feels like she’s ‘done nothing’ all day…

woman holding smartphone in the kitchen
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Hey there Mama…

Yes you, the one feeling guilty for not having a ‘productive’ day.

You’ve managed to make it until bedtime, your head still pounding from today’s whinges and tantrums. You bend over to pick up the discarded toys, and wince at the dull ache in your shoulder, the one that you used to carry your infant for the majority of the day.

You see, he got you up early this morning, and a couple of times in the night so you’ve both spent the day exhausted,cranky, and running on an empty battery. Peeling back the duvet.. you are summoned downstairs for breakfast. But it just ends up all over the floor. You worry that your child isn’t going to eat anything, and convince yourself that you must get better at this.

You boil the kettle, and seek a moment of solace with a hot coffee,drinking in its sweet aroma until you are brought back to the current moment with the smack of a toy car racing into your ankles! You disguise your pain as your toddler looks up at you with glee, ‘Look fast car mummy!’ he exclaims as he runs back out of the room. You feel guilty for not playing with him and his cars, and convince yourself you must get better at this.

You attempt to get your toddler dressed, limbs flailing, and socks being launched across the room. Just about having time to find something clean for yourself to wear, and hoping that your hair can last another day without being washed. You feel guilty for not making more of an effort with your appearance, and convince yourself you must get better at this.

Rain pours down hard when you’ve just put on his shoes, and you take them back off again to wait until the storm passes. You are met with tears of frustration and tiredness as you try to placate him with some colouring in or a giant puzzle, promising a trip out later that day. You desperately wish the sun would come back out so you could have a nice long walk, and get some much needed exercise (for both of you) , and convince yourself you must get better at this.

It’s now way past nap time, and he’s still just crying and fed up. You compromise and end up telling him a story on the bedroom floor for half an hour until he drifts off, something you’ve not had to do before and now you worry that you have set a new precident! You feel guilty for letting him cry, and even more guilty for hoping that today’s nap is an extra long one. You convince yourself you must get better at this.

Finally alone, you rush around the house in an attempt to clear up some mess. You click the kettle back on, but forget about it once it’s boiled.  Frantically scrolling through emails, and week-old messages from friends, trying to word your responses, and apologise for the delay. You start scrolling through your social media and get lost in time. You’re alerted that nap-time is over from the cries upstairs, you feel like you should have achieved more. You convince yourself you must get better at this.

But hold on for a minute Mama, because you are doing the best that you can. In every cry that they make, comes a cuddle. A cuddle from their mother, one so magical that only you can stop the tears. Their little hands gripping on tight, not wanting to let you go. So tell yourself you’re a healer Mama, Convince yourself that you’re good at this.

Breakfast drama’s fresh in your mind, slow down, and reflect for a minute. One rejected meal or heap on the floor is only a drop in the ocean of what you have already provided. You’ve nutured their tiny bodies, fed them so that they grow. Tell yourself that you’re a masterchef mama, convince yourself that you’re good at this.

Being critical in the mirror mama, not loving what you see. Just take a moment to realise, that you’re as beautiful as can be. Despite the baggy jumper, or bun of unwashed hair, you’ve grown a child inside of you, and brought them into the world. New lines around the eyes show laughter, the joy of parenthood clear. Dark circles under the eyes show your sacrifices, the nights you’ve spent tending to their needs. So tell yourself you’re a warrior mama, convince yourself that you’re good at this.

For every flaw you see in yourself Mama, others watch on in awe. So tell yourself you are a super mama, convince yourself that you ARE GOOD AT THIS!




Why its important to be your own cheerleader as well as others…

When you keep telling yourself you’re ‘Not good enough’

black and white photo of holding hands
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For a very long time, I have always been my worst critic.

As a child, I was desperate to play football instead of netball. Whilst at the time, it was quite unusual for a girl to join the team, I was accepted and gladly wore my school kit despite it coming down to my knees. I tried hard to keep up with the boys, but our skill levels were so far apart. My miniscule legs couldn’t run fast enough, and I just couldn’t seem to grasp the technicality and control that was needed. When I didn’t get picked for the inter-schools tournament at the end of the season , I told myself that I wasn’t good enough to ever be a part of a football team again.

As a teenager, (we know what a difficult age that can be) I told myself that I wasn’t ‘cool’ enough, and in a bid to gain popularity I wore clothes that I didn’t particularly like, hung round with ‘the cool kids’ and distanced myself from old friends. I let certain people walk all over me to gain their acceptance, and had a disregard for my own real happiness. Whilst I was very lucky to have hung onto a few life long pals who indeed accepted me for who I was, I still told myself that I wasn’t good enough.

As a Manager, I told myself that I needed to work harder, that I must do more for my team. I allowed my work life balance to become non-existent as I slaved away on days off and late nights, constantly trying to improve my performance, never letting positive feedback sink in, but instead taking the few constructive comments to heart and telling myself that I wasn’t good enough.

As a Mother, I told myself that I was doing a terrible job, that I didn’t have a clue what I was doing and that I didn’t deserve to have a child. It wasn’t fair that so many of my friends and family had suffered with fertility problems or infant loss and there I was almost seeming ungrateful, I told myself that I was a horrible person for having these thoughts and that I just wasn’t good enough.

Despite my negative opinions, I have always had positive influences and role models in my life, but I always found it hard to accept the affirmative comments, the high fives, the pats on the back, the compliments, through believing myself to be undeserving.

After challenging my mindset, my mental health and my well being, I view life in a new perspective. It became clear that the reason I was always unable to accept the positive feedback, was because I never had those type of thoughts about myself, and the age old saying ‘Love yourself as much as you want to be loved’ certainly rings true.

When my mind wanders back to the above scenario’s, Using a positive mindset, I now remember being cheered on by my friend’s dad on the sidelines as I made my first header, and how proud I was! I recall one of my best friends meeting me at the park to teach me how to ‘toe punt’ and ‘volley’ to broaden my skills. He never once ridiculed me or made me feel inferior.

I remember my teenage years, not only full of tears, but brimming with laughter. Our summers spent at the Lido, and each other’s infamous house parties! Later drinking blue WKD and acting as if it was the strongest form of alcohol known to man! (When in reality we were still stone cold sober!)

As a Manager, I have been lucky enough to have truly loved my Jobs, and I think back to the stand out moments when I was able to help someone along in their career, or give somebody a boost. When a team member viewed me as a confidante, someone whom they could trust and rely on. The beautiful words written in my leaving cards.

And now as a mother, the look of pure love and joy in my sons eyes, when we play or cuddle or simply sing nursery rhymes to our hearts content. I remember the battle that I faced with Post Natal depression… and now I am PROUD of the woman that I have become.

The importance of this for me, is that all of my life, I have tried to be kind and compassionate towards others, to compliment people, and make them feel good…… BUT this feels so much better when you are also able to do the same for yourself!!

So if you are reading this now, and can relate in any way, I hope that these positive affirmations can show you how awesome you truly are!

So when you compliment the lady at the shops on her lovely nails, or beautiful hair, or fantastic smile… don’t forget to look into the mirror and tell yourself the same!

Shy = Curious, pensive.

Slow= Thorough

Loner= Enjoys own company, special friends are waiting for you later in life

Lacking skills= What you may lack in one area, you will make up for in abundance in another, maybe you haven’t yet discovered your best talent!

Lazy= waiting for motivation, you can get there

1 or 2 Friend(s)= You are a cheerleader, therapist, supporter and source of love to however many friends you have. It’s about the quality not the quantity. Cherish it.

Mother= Warrior, creator, negotiator, problem solver, multi-tasker, life giver…

Anxious= Strong, battling, thoughtful and later to feel more confident that ever, your time will come!

I could go on all day, as I’m just so passionate about us supporting each other and ourselves, one by one, and by sharing a smile, we can make the world a happier place 🙂



Dear Anxious me… You wont always feel this way.

artistic blossom bright clouds
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A letter to myself… when I was unwell, when anxiety consumed me. Letting me know, that it wont last forever.

Dear Anxious Me…

What If I was to tell you that you wouldn’t always feel this way? That in a few months from now, you won’t be totally consumed in your thoughts, drowning or hyperventilating on a daily basis.

I know right now that things seem really hard, some days the anxiety pops out of no-where, a whirlwind of intrusive thoughts, and worst case scenario’s whizzing around at 100 mph. I know that you imagine yourself or your baby getting seriously injured at every opportunity or you worry that everyone is going to judge the way you parent your child,or that something is bound to go wrong. I understand.

What if I was to tell you that there is a light at the end of this tunnel, would you believe me?

I know that at times, you struggle to breathe, each sharp intake of breath crushes your chest. It’s like a ten tonne truck has parked up on your rib cage and just wont move. Standing alone in the shower, you sob silently, willing yourself to ‘be stronger’, hoping that these feelings will pass. What if I told you that this won’t happen forever?

You spend your days feeling lonely and isolated, in even the most crowded room. Your body shakes involuntarily, and you feel like you might fall at any given moment. I understand.

Stay strong anxious Me… You do have the strength to get better. Each waking day from now, is another day closer to your recovery. Another step towards happiness. You’re going to find the support you need, at times, you might not think it necessary…. but please persevere. What if I was to tell you that you’re braver than you know?

You’re going to push your boundaries, as you rediscover your strengths. The support network around you will grow and you will become more comfortable in your surroundings. Others will understand.

The journey ahead is rocky, but I want you to know that this cloud does have a silver lining. That the light at the end of this tunnel will shine so brightly, you will radiate with pride as you battle your demons and bear your soul.

What If I was to tell you that you will be able to manage your anxiety and spot your triggers before the panic attack takes hold… would you believe me?

Dear Anxious me… the strongest people must face the toughest battles. You will reign triumphant, I can tell you that you WILL be happy, and that your illness will not govern you. Today as you seek support, and find the help you need… know that you will not always feel this way.