About Us

Emma the Made up Mom.

Emma became a first time mum in 2016, but also suffered with postnatal depression and birth trauma following the arrival of her son. Emma embarked on a recovery journey, and began to help friends and family around her by teaching them new techniques that had helped her own well being. After studying Mental health and Mindfulness, Emma decided to raise awareness of maternal mental health and began you-tubing her story and appearing in several national and local publications.

Emma understands that parenting isn’t always easy, and whether or not you struggle with mental health, we all deserve some self care, support and guidance! Emma’s background in management and health and beauty led to a career change in 2018 where Emma studied counselling skills, and mindfulness practitioning, later to work in the Charity sector as a Member care Manager for Mind.

Emma is hugely passionate about helping people and bringing together a sense of community, through free meetups, charity fundraisers and 6 week courses, working alongside local small businesses to support and encourage those around her.

Dora from Funmums Fitness!

Dora, mum of two, is the founder of funmums fitness.  Dora is passionate about helping mums recover safely from giving birth, and encourages women to lead a healthy active lifestyle alongside their families. Dora’s child friendly classes are a huge hit with mums in Hampshire and surrey, and we are very lucky to have Dora on board offering a postnatal fitness session as part of all MadeupMom courses.


Natalie is our on board Nursery Nurse within the Health visiting team

Natalie has over 20 years experience working with Children and families in a wide range of settings.

  • Special care baby unit in Surrey Hospitals
  • Nursery Nurse in Surrey Nurseries and Preschools
  • Teacher in an Orphanage in India
  • Holds support clinics and Home visits within the health visiting team
  • Assistant at American teen summer camp
  • Trained in ages 0-19
  • Breast feeding support specialist

Why we do what we do…

After I became a mum, like many of us, I almost ‘forgot’ how to take care of myself. Time alone was a distant memory yet I felt extremely isolated in a world of parenting where everyone else seemed to be ‘nailing it.’

After recovering from Postnatal Depression, I began to help friends and family members with their well-being. It was then natural to extend my support to local mums and charities.

In 2018 I undertook training in Mindfulness and Mental health and combined this with my years of experience in the beauty industry to create mood boosting techniques with proven results.

I met with some inspirational ladies who taught me vital skills that I wanted to share with others, and work with a range of professionals to give the best possible service. I designed my courses to offer a wide range of topics to give anyone who attends, a lifetime of new skills that can improve their well-being, boost their mood, tackle anxiety or create a sense of calm whenever needed. Over the past 12 Months our courses have received 5* reviews and 100% positive feedback.

So, are you in need of some relaxation, contentment, calm and support? Get in touch today and find out how we can help!