6 Week courses for all mums

Well being support for all mums at any stage of the parenting journey! Whether you are a first time mum to a tiny baby, or a mum of toddlers to teenagers, our courses are guaranteed to help with overall mood and well being!

What do the courses include?

  • Self care goody-bag and resource booklet with top tips, useful links, feelings journal and self help techniques!
  • Mindfulness and relaxation techniques to help combat stress, overwhelm, low mood and mild mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression.
  • Postnatal fitness session  to aid good physical and mental health run by Funmums Fitness    
  • Parenting support session, Q&A with our trained Nursery Nurse and health visitor. Answering your questions whether you need help with sleep, feeding, behaviour and more, between the ages of 0-19.
  • Introduction to meditation, using a heated eyemask to soothe and restore the body and mind.
  • Self care support, practical ideas for busy mums as to how you can implement some ‘me time’ into your routine, to regain a sense of identity and improve relaxation.
  • Aromatherapy facial session, using Neals Yard Remedies to evoke a sense of calm and restoration.
  • Support, friendship and guidance in a non judgemental environment!
  • Hot drinks included in every session, with completion certificate and evening classes include graduation bubbly!
  • Mum and baby course also includes a live music taster class from Little bears Music

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We Pride ourselves on 100% satisfaction , and genuinely just want to help mums feel more content, calm and in control!

  • All courses are tailored to the group of mums attending that term, get to know like minded women in a comfortable and relaxed setting.
  • 6 Week access to support emails , with session follow up and useful links.
  • Introduction into the FREE facebook group for Meet ups in and around Surrey.
  • FAQ’s

    I don’t know if this course is right for me, how can I be sure that I will benefit?

    Our courses are designed to appeal to all mums, whether you are brand new to motherhood or a seasoned pro, we believe that it’s important for all mums to have time out for them and their own well-being. All satisfaction surveys completed have shown that 100% of attendees would recommend a friend.

    I want to join the mum and baby course , but I’m worried about having to feed or change my baby during the session.

    We follow the pace set by mums and their babies, we 100% support both breast and bottle feeding and all parenting choices are welcome. If you need to change a nappy, whip out some snacks or snuggle up for a nap, its OK with us! We will make sure that all mums are sent any information that they may have missed during the session.

    I have a 5 year old and a 7 year old, are the evening courses just for new mums, will anything be of use to me?

    Our courses are designed to be beneficial at any stage of the parenting journey, the techniques used are adaptable to use at home with babies, toddlers, children or teenagers. The 6 week evening course provides a weekly ‘break’ with opportunity for adult conversation, self discovery, pampering, relaxation and self care. Emma believes that ALL mums deserve some time for them and to feel content, calm and confident in their role as a parent!