Top read’s to motivate, inspire and evoke a more positive mindset…

I am a huge believer in ‘switching off’ when we need to, allowing opportunity to recharge the batteries , and spending time on ‘self care.’ This past year, particularly whilst in lock-down, I incorporated reading into my bedtime routine, in a bid to combat insomnia and overthinking right before bed, I implemented a few gentle changes to my evenings, probably the most significant being that I ditched the late night scrolling on social media for a good book in the bath or in bed before getting some sleep.

I have found that not only has my sleep quality improved, but I feel enriched with knowledge , more in touch with my feelings, and far more positive in my attitude. They say that knowledge is power, and its given me a huge dose of inspiration and motivation at a time where I’ve really needed it. Here I have listed my fave books into the following categories:

  1. Self care and Mindfulness
  2. Positive Mindset and Manifesting
  3. Motherhood

Mindfulness and self care :

The reason that I love these books is because you can dip in and out of them as and when you need. Even if you just have 5 minutes spare whilst enjoying a warm cuppa, their teachings and practical exercises and useful for both body and Mind.

  1. The Little Book of Self care – By Suzy Reading This Fab little book provides easy to follow exercises for soothing ourselves when we need it. Suzy gives short bursts of knowledge on Journaling, meditation and using our senses to help implement a dose of daily mindfulness and self care each day. Practical, useful and written with such love and kindness!
  2. The Little book of Mindfulness – By Dr Patrizia Collard I orgininally purchased this book a few years ago when starting to practice Mindfulness myself. There are 30 easy practices that you can complete in 5-10 minutes, such as yoga poses and breathing exercises. Its a great book to explain the concept of mindfulness and help us feel less stressed!
  3. The Little book of self care for new mums- by Beccy Hands and Alexis Stickland. This is the book I wish I had read during my first pregnancy. A survival guide written to help mums manage the emotional rollercoaster of motherhood. Practical tips and advise for various stages of pregnancy and motherhood, written from a realistic and empathetic point of view! Its still just as useful to me as a 2nd time mum to be.

Positive Mindset and Manifesting

  1. The Secret- By Rhonda Byrne An introduction to ‘The law of attraction’ written in an easy to read format, in short sharp sections, to really give an insight into using the law of attraction into your every day life. This book really helped me see when I wasn’t helping my own cause by unintentionally being negative or ‘blocking’ positivity from coming my way. Whether or not you believe in its teachings, its a fascinating read!
  2. You are a badass – By Jen Sincero This for me was life changing. Jen’s humorous style of writing is really relatable, and her teachings are laid out in real life scenario’s and no nonsense phrases. This book is like having your very own personal cheerleader, and as a small business owner, also encouraged me to invest in my business and value my worth. Jen helps us to identify ‘self sabotage’ in our lives, and how to create a life that you actually love. One I will read again for sure.
  3. The universe has your back- By Gabrielle Bernstein I would describe this book as a spiritual awakening ! I used to read this in the bath, and then hop into bed for some journaling or meditation using Gabby’s prompts. The book also gives you access to audio files / music to help you on your Journey. Gabby talks alot about self acceptance, and how our thoughts and actions impact on our energy. This book took me on a self discovery journey, and gave me lifelong tools that I can use time and time again to create a more positive outlook.
  4. Super Attractor- By Gabrielle Bernstein This is a great follow up to the above, and also implements many similar teachings from ‘The Secret’ and Law of attraction that I mentioned earlier. Gabby gives a deeper insight into how we can overcome challenges / blockages in our lives, and seek out what we desire.
  5. Good Vibes , Good Life- By Vex King An incredible story of how Vex uses his tough past experiences to drive him towards creating a happier life. A mix of research and evidence based teachings, with real life scenarios of how he used positive energy to create hope and prosperity. I love his writing style, and again this is super easy to dip in and out of, a chapter at a time.


  1. Mind over Mother – By Anna Mathur Anna uses her experience as a psychotherapist and mum of 3 to articulate the challenges of anxiety, and how we can overcome them. Anna honestly shares her own experiences, alongside practical tips and thought provoking questions to really combat worry and intrusive thoughts. An absolute must have for any mum!
  2. Sleep is for the weak – By Emily Jane Clark Full of sarcasm, humour and deep seated solidarity to any sleep deprived parent who could do with a laugh. This book really helped me see the light during the depths of my postnatal depression. Emily discusses relationships, tiredness and every day parenting from a funny and empathetic viewpoint.
  3. The Nest Planner- By Rebecca Patterson This is a great guide for any parents to be, from practical considerations to creating space around the home, to selecting the perfect changing bag, or making your life easier in the postnatal period – I felt a mixture of reassurance and motivation whilst reading, and used lots of Rebecca’s suggestions to get my home ready for my baby’s impending arrival.
  4. Mindful Mamma- By Sophie Fletcher A follow up to Sophie’s wonderful book ‘Mindful Hypnobirthing’ Which i devoured during my 2nd trimester, this book is designed to help mums feel calm in managing that first year of motherhood. A mixture of mindfulness and self hypnosis techniques , that I know will be invaluable during the months of sleep deprivation and adjustment ahead!
  5. Hypnobirthing- By Siobhan Miller As someone who suffered alot of birth trauma first time around, I cannot reccomend this enough. Siobhan’s teachings (Coupled with attending a hypnobirthing course) have completely changed my mindset and got me excited for labour! (A phrase I NEVER thought I would say!) A mixture of science, lived experience and useful suggestions makes this an empowering read for anyone about to give birth. I feel informed, confident and relaxed!

Even if you haven’t picked up a book since leaving school, I hope that you may have found something that floats your boat, and fills you with inspiration or knowledge !

For more information on wellbeing, self care and Mindfulness for mums – why not try our 5 week online course

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