Wellbeing and self care online course, Is it right for me?

At a time in our lives where uncertainty looms, and our relationship with technology grows, is it really possible to work on your wellbeing online?

Is it really possible to work online whilst juggling the kids?

Before the pandemic hit, I began rapidly recording videos – researching statistics and conducting heaps of market research in the hope of launching my face to face courses onto an online platform. I had had contact from dozens of mums wanting to sign up to my local courses in Surrey, but not having the childcare , transport or adequate arrangements to make it happen. I knew that I had to step into this space to support a wider audience, and seemingly, our current situation makes this decision not only valid, but absolutely necessary for me to continue to help people. So now, the questions I am receiving from mums all over the UK are ‘Which option is right for me?’ , and ‘Will this actually help?’ So I’ve put pen to paper to address these questions honestly, and for you to make up your own mind as to whether online wellbeing is right for you!

Who is the course designed for, and will it suit my needs?

After working with hundreds of mums and women over the past 2 years, I am pleased to say that the course is relevant for all mums with children between the age of 6 weeks old and 16 years old. The techniques work , regardless of whether you are a first time, second time or fifth time mum. As a mother, our needs often get pushed to the bottom of the priority list which can leave us feeling stressed, overwhelmed, tired or anxious. This course is designed to help you recognise your own needs, and to start thinking about how you can feel brighter, more relaxed, and in control!

I feel like I just don’t have time to do anything for me, how will I fit in this course to my already busy life?

I hear you loud and clear! Part of the reason so many of us suffer with burnout and stress is because we are constantly on the go, especially when looking after our small humans! As a busy mum myself, trying to juggle work, an energetic toddler , a household and pregnancy – trust me when I say that it IS possible to find the time for this. You can complete the course in the best way to suit you, whether that’s within our private facebook community, or via email – the modules vary from 25 -45 minutes to complete ONCE a week. As part of the course, you will also complete a session on work/home/life balance to see how and when it is possible to make more time for you. The videos will be uploaded once a week, giving you a full 7 days to make the time to sit down, relax and enjoy some self care, Plus if you miss a session, they will still be uploaded into the group to catch up on when you can. I personally recommend sitting down in the evening when the kids are in bed, but many other mums have also had success practicing this during naptime or at the weekends when they may have an extra pair of hands around to help with the childcare. Its all about doing whats right for you!

Dora from funmumsfitness who gives postnatal fitness advice on the course.

What is actually included in the course, and how will it benefit me?

The course includes 5 sessions, I have recorded and subtitled each session to make it easy to access, and replay whenever needed. There is also a printable coursebook included, or you can edit it online if that’s easier for you. The 5 sessions cover many different useful topics to help work on your wellbeing, physical and mental health! My main aim was to empower mums to learn skills that will not only help when completing the course, but that can be drawn upon for a lifetime. The relaxation techniques included have helped me for years, and many of the mums who have completed my courses, still message me to say they are using them successfully many months later! Aswell as the introduction of Mindfulness, self care and relaxation sessions, I have also teamed up with some fantastic professionals to bring you some quick and easy mood boosting fitness moves, and parenting support Q&A. It was vital that I utilised the wonderful women who helped me on my parenting journey, and shared their knowledge with you! Dora’s postnatal fitness ideas are shown in 30 second snapshots to build into a short workout as part of the course, or to fit in just 30 seconds here and there when you have the time. Our nursery nurse and health visitor shares her top tips for baby & child sleep issues, managing challenging behaviour, positive parenting and fussy eating. Most importantly, you get to pick and choose the parts of the course that work best for you , and use these tips and tricks to improve your wellbeing. In terms of benefits, I have been blown away by the reviews and testimonies I have received since launching my courses. The most common benefits that my course members have experienced have been : Feeling more relaxed, Becoming less anxious, Being more confident in their parenting abilities, Making more time for them, Having a more balanced lifestyle, Enjoying regular self care and alone time and an overall happier mood. Check out more testimonies here

What experience or qualifications do you bring to the table? How can you help me?

Thankfully, the answer to this question is both. I bring my lived in experience of overcoming maternal mental health struggles, aswell as the lessons learned over the past 4 years of motherhood and a healthy dose of qualifications. I have worked closely with women for most of my adult life in a range of settings including retail management , beauty and makeup (hence the passion for self care and making people feel good!) After embarking on my own recovery journey from postnatal depression, anxiety and PTSD (Birth trauma) I learnt some invaluable skills that helped me so much, I decided to make a career change and train in them officially. I am an accredited Mindfulness practictioner, with diplomas in Mindfulness based Stress reduction, and Mindfulness and alternative therapies. I have completed counselling skills for depression level 3, aswell as understanding mental health, and am a Mental Health England Mental health first aider. I have also been working at Mind Mental health charity providing face to face, email and telephone support for anyone who has needed help or advice. Whilst my courses are shown to improve overall Mental health and wellbeing, I also include signposting within my course book so that Mums who need extra support can access specialist organisations/ services, such as CBT therapists and helplines. If you are struggling with your mental health, it is important that you speak to a health professional about how you are feeling. More useful resources can be found here

Complete the course from the comfort of your own home.

How do I sign up, and what will it cost me?

The good news is that it is super quick and easy to sign up, There are several options to choose from, to get the best choice for you. If you like the idea of non judgemental and friendly peer support, by choosing ‘option one’ your payment will trigger an email to me, so that I can send you an invitation to our closed facebook group (the first of which opens on 25th June 2020) You will have unlimited access to all of the videos , coursebook and Emma’s additional support within the group over the 5 weeks for just £39. If you are self motivated and perhaps not a lover of facebook, you can have the course videos emailed to you, for you to download onto your device, option 2 is the same cost of just £39. Your payment will provide me with your email address to contact you, and arrange the course video’s and e-booklet to be sent over. Keep your eyes peeled for zoom live groups and the return of face to face courses later on this year. Many people have asked me why the cost is so low, and that’s because I have created something that I wish I had had access to when I was going through a tough time. I want to help as many people as possible without exploiting anyone for their financial situation, and the minimal cost covers my time and resources for creating the course, and keeps food on the table for my growing family. You may be struggling with finances due to the pandemic, receiving statutory maternity pay, or be a part time worker / stay at home mum without a huge disposable income ? And if not, well, you can use any spare cash to treat yourself to something nice! So to book your place today, or find out more, click here

So in summary, Yes I do believe that you can effectively work on your wellbeing online. During the pandemic I have personally accessed a number of clubs and classes via the internet that have helped me greatly. And other than not being able to give you all a great big hug right now, its the next best thing that I can do! Thanks for reading, and wishing you all a positive week ahead !

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