Mindful Motherhood Courses… why are they important to us?

Thanks for joining me! Welcome to Emma the Made up Mom site, I’m so proud to announce the launch of our Mindful Motherhood course.

I became a first time mum in 2016, During early stages of pregnancy, I was told that my extreme cramping was likely to be a miscarriage, and when referred to the hospital, I was warned that it was potentially an ectopic pregnancy. I began to grieve my unborn child, even though it transpired that I was in-fact having a healthy pregnancy. Despite always wanting to be a mother, something inside of me changed and I became scared, anxious and detached with my Bump.

I threw myself into work, and carried on as if life hadn’t, or wasn’t about to change! I had my 3 month maternity leave all mapped out, I would have plenty of time to get into a ‘routine’ to ensure my baby would sleep through the night, and that labour wouldn’t be too tough based on the hours I spent at the gym.


Labour was a 3 day ordeal, and after taking a concoction of nearly all the drugs known to mankind – My son’s heart rate dropped and I was prepped for emergency surgery. By some kind of miracle, I was then told that we would be ready to push, and a healthy baby boy arrived.

My first thought was ‘My Gosh, he’s huge’ and I felt strangely disconnected to the alien like being who was placed on my chest. I felt totally and utterly overwhelmed, and realised that I didn’t have a clue how to raise a baby. No amount of books could’ve prepared me for that day.

A cloud of anxiety, self doubt, inadequacy and exhaustion followed me around, and I soon became on first name terms with the Queen of destruction herself, ‘Post Natal Depression’. Except she told me that I was useless, and I just had to learn to be a better mum. It wasn’t until I plucked up the courage to book some online therapy that I was given a diagnosis at 8 months post partum. At my sons 12 month Health visitor review, I broke down, and was finally sent to my GP for some support. After a course of medication, Counselling, self care, and a career break – I finally felt like me again! After sharing my story on youtube, and later being featured in the daily mail online- i was inundated with messages from other mums, who had been through a similar journey to myself! I decided then, that I wanted to do everything in my power to help as many mums as possible, to break down the stigma, to raise awareness, and to offer the support that I wished that I could’ve had myself.

I brainstormed, and contacted some of my wonderful friends who made my motherhood journey slightly easier at times, being qualified professionals – and knew that I just had to have them on board when it came to the Mindful Motherhood Mission.

So here we are today, my offering to the Mums out there who might be struggling, the mums who maybe feel a bit overwhelmed at times, the mums who feel like they dont have a bloomin’ clue as to what they’re doing, or the mums that simply fancy a bit of friendship and support from like-minded individuals.

So join us on our Mission to help spread awareness, and give Mums a chance to enjoy motherhood to its fullest!




Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


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