Francesca from Woking said;

‘Had a mindfulness session with Emma last week and it was amazing!! I left feeling relaxed and SO refreshed.Emma started the session by first explaining mindfulness, she recommended new ways to look at issues in daily life and how to view them in a different perspective, which I’ve already put into practice. We went through some breathing exercises alongside a fantastic facial which left me feeling and looking so much happier! Thankyou Emma.’



Lucy from Woking said;

‘I had a mindfulness therapy treatment with Emma and I loved it. Emma is amazing and you can feel her genuine desire to help. She made me feel at ease as we discussed some of the things that I was struggling with. The facial itself was so therapeutic and I came out feeling really relaxed and with a new perspective on Mindfulness. Thankyou Emma!X’



Lisa from St Johns (Mum of 3, aged 9,3 and 1)

(6 week Mindful Motherhood course member)

‘I really felt that I benefitted from tonight’s session, I felt so relaxed and comfortable to talk openly about my day-to-day struggles with my three children. Listening to other mothers about their struggles, and getting advice from Natalie and Emma makes you realise that we are all in the same boat. Being a parent is the hardest job out there, its full on. Today I felt worn out, but after the session tonight, I have come home feeling positive about what I’m doing and how to tackle these situations head on. Emma’s sessions cover so much, and I’m really enjoying every week. Looking forward to next weeks fitness session!! Thankyou’

Natalie from Camberley (Mum to one, aged 2)

‘ Having not suffered with Maternal mental health myself, I was unsure if i would find the course suitable, however it was very helpful and worth going to. There is nothing around like this course. I thought that the sessions were planned very well and I got lots of useful information.’